Mechanic specialising in Engine Rebuild across Melbourne

Imagine that you are told to work continuously for days without any break! Is it viable? ‘No’, the same explanation applies to the car engines.

After years of use, which in some cases might be rough as well, they require a new energy to deliver the same performance. Engine rebuilding is the option to get this done; however, not all circumstances need this as some problems can be solved by repairing or replacing the concerned parts or components.

We believe in honesty, and therefore we advise for this service only when it’s necessary. We have a systematic procedure in place for executing engine rebuilds at our centres in Oakleigh South, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Glen Huntly, and Murrumbeena.

  • You get meticulous inspection, preparation, and attention to detail on every engine part prior to assembly and onsite dynamo meter testing.
  • Your engine is properly broke in. We take the engine, cams, and parts through a proper break-in period so you know its done right for you by our engine professionals.
  • We verify the Power and Torque your engine is making.
  • We verify Engine Calibration and Performance so your engine is dialed in and ready to run.
  • Ensure Leak Free. Nobody like surprises, so we test everything so you can depend on your engines.
  • Adjusted and Fine Tuned. One last tweak in our continued attention to detail to give you the reliable engines you expect. They don’t say Sterling Performance for nothing.
  • Removal of the engine assembly for tear down.
  • All external components removed and inspected for excessive wear.
  • Cylinder heads, oil pan removed – block, heads disassembled for steam cleaning and inspection.
  • All casings magnafluxed to verify structural integrity noting what components must be repaired or replaced.

  • Engine block machining including boring and honing.
  • Crankshaft machining including grind and micropolish bearing surfaces, chamfer oil passages.
  • Connecting rods machined, straightness and twist checked to confirm within specs – pistons mated to rods (new rings installed during final assembly).
Engine rebuilds

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